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Credit Card Policy
  • Do not acquire or disclose any cardholder’s credit card information without the cardholder’s consent, including but not limited to, the full or partial 16 digit card number, the CVV/CVC (three or four digit validation code), and the PIN (personal identification number).

  • Professional staff only- only physically write down credit card information if it is absolutely necessary. Do not leave paper with credit card information physically unsecured.

  • Professional staff only- shred handwritten credit card information in a cross cutter shredder immediately  after use. Card data will be kept only to complete the payment transaction and will not be stored after processing the transaction.

  • Do not transmit Social Security numbers, the full or partial 16 digit credit card number, the CVV/CVC 

(three or four digit validation code), or the PIN (personal identification number) via email, fax, text, chat 
and instant messaging.

  • If credit card number is received via email, delete the email immediately. Do not forward this information via email. Delete the credit card number before replying to the email.

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